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The new home for RICK DAVIS on the web.....go check out this's a sister to this one.

Want the top 100 Monkeys.....Tv themes......the most unsexy sex scenes EVER.....this is your place to go.  Go....and Indulge.

These guys make the coolest fucking toys on the planet right now.  Jason, Freddy, Leatherface, The House of 1000 Corpses, and MUCH, MUCH more!!!  They also put those new spiffy PIRATES figures.  Go check em out!!!

This is the site for all your horror action figure needs.  News on NECA figures...McFarland....and MORE.  All the new shite...and NEWS shits can be found here.

Do I really need to tell you what this is about......


Ditto with a side of fries......

(One of the last hold outs of TRULY Independent, one of the heads of Troma (Lloyd Kaufman) wrote what I think is the most defining book on No Budget Film Making...."Make Your Own Damn Movie")

(Despite the title.....this is a pretty damn good review site for those horror films we love SO much....and those we Don't love so much....a lot of them are here)

(All the newest horror movie updates.......find out about some cool stuff you probably didn't know about.)

(The ultimate SPOILER, one of the TV reviewers is a BIG Buffy/Angel fan, so that makes him cool with me.)

(The spoiler site brought to you by the VIEW ASKEW folks....and if you have to ask who or what VIEW ASKEW've been spending too much time watching utter shit like "The Day After Tommorrow.")

(Find all the scipts/telescripts you need here....I used to copy Buffy quotes all the time from this site.)

(Hey....speaking of zombies....and who doesn't LOVE zombies.....check this tribute to the Romero zombie films....and just zombie films period.)

(These guys sell tons of horror/exploitation videos, dvds, posters, shirts, toys......they also have some SWEET ASS preview compilation, they hold a REALLY kick ass convention in my neck of the woods twice a year)

(Another major force in low/no budget films.....check out some of their stuff.)

(Official web page of this lovely Scream Queen....pretty cool stuff.)

(This site is a low/no budget film maker's MUST VISIT site.  Everything you need to know about making your own films is, you can communicate with others in your field.)

(I think the title says it all folks.)



(Wrestling news......if you're fans.  I am.....even though it often doesn't deserve my love.)


(Do I even HAVE to tell you what this is.....?)

(A trbute to the truly awful in wrestling.....always good for a good laugh.)

(Once again......if I have to explain who this probably don't deserve the explanation.)

(Read the news that isn't censored for your "safety.")

(Official home of the wrestler "Raven".....worth checking out mainly for his Journal postings.)

(Reviews of genre tv shows.....with an attitude.)

(News site discussing the works of Buffy/Angel/Firefly mastermind Joss Whedon.)

(Decomposed hotties are SO sexy.)

(So wrong....and so funny.)


( the theme to all your favorite bad 80s tv shows.)