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Zero Issue (2002)

The LegacyVerse kicks off with a bang with this simple story of Boy Meets Girl, Boy Hacks Girl Up, and Girl Comes Back for Bloody Revenge done the Legacy way.  This is the story that introduces the Amy Savant character (who will become VERY important in future Legacy Verse stories). 

Film Credits

Written and Directed by
Keith Munden

"T" as Amy Savant
Jonathan Welch as Luna Pier Slasher
Josh Holden as Agent Rice
Devin Ritchey as Kyle (the Telekenetic)
Josh Scott as Daniel (vamipre)
Melinda Lewis as Slasher Victim #1
Mandi Nejedly as Slasher Victim #2
Alyssia Pean as Slasher Victim #3
Jordan as Daniel's Victim

Assistant Director
Shanna Norcross

Special Effects and Prop Manager
Shanna Norcross

Stunt Drivers
Shanna Norcross
Mandi Nejedly

Esther Munden

Filmed on location at
Downtown Sandusky OH
Plaza 8 Movie Theater