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Tick Tock (2014)


The new movie by LegacyVerse Productions explores one man's journey into utter insanity, as he awakens over and over to dark visions of terrible things he might or might not have done. This is LVP's first thriller, a change of pace from what we normally do, and I'm interested to see what you think of it.

Written and Directed by
Keith Munden

Executive Producer
Keith Munden

Wendy Davis Boyer
Richard Buathier
Rick Davis
Matt Drake
Ronald Grimwood

Camera Operators
Keith Munden
Wendy Davis Boyer
Matt Drake

Original Music
Ascension from the Well by Peter John Ross
Suehtemorp by Peter John Ross
Schamani by Lino Rise
Horror Sting by Chris Vasquez
Communal Blood by This Will Destroy You

Director of Photography
Matt Drake

Edited by
Keith Munden

Filmed on location in
Sandusky, Ohio

Richard Buathier as Bill
Wendy Davis Boyer as Sara
Rick Davis as The Doctor
Patrick Conley as Security Guard
Olivia Fisher and Ronald Grimwood as Patients
Matt Drake and Keith Munden as Murder Victims

Special Thanks to
Matt Drake and Ronald Grimwood for the use of their properties.