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The Legend of Joe Pimpin' (2005)

LegacyVerse's First all out comedy is the story of Pimps, Hoes, Pedophiles, and other offensive things.  It's a story modeled after such films as The Lion King, Superman 2, and Dolomite....and watching it will be an experience that you will NEVER forget......really. 

This film contains scenes that many (alright all) people will find offensive and downright sick. If you have a weak constitution please do not watch. We warned you!

Keith Munden

Keith Munden

Camera Operator
Nikki Solis
Keith Munden
Josh Holden
Esther Munden

Edited by
Keith Munden

Timmy Rapp as Joe Pimpin
Josh Holden as Johnny Slobknob
Bri Thomas as Mary Jane Pipes
Rick Davis as Bodyguard Rick
Zech Crawford as English Dan
Nikki Solis as Morgwina
Shanna Norcross as Dog Hoe
Rob Stanley as Masked Guard
Christa Stobie as Hoe #1
Jessica Ostheimer as Ass Kicking Hoe
Keith Munden as Pedophole Ed

Also Starring
Esther Munden
Mandy Feuerstein
Haley Vassalle
Shanna Weaver

Filmed in 
Sandusky, OH