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The Black Box (2012)

LegacyVerse Productions' 13th movie is a unique take on the classic story of "The Box" (Which was not only a Twilight Zone episode, but a recent movie with Cameron Diaz).  A down on their luck couple are confronted by a mysterious man in black who offers them a way out of their financial troubles, but at what price?  The story/script for this one was written by Richard "Rico" Buathier, and was shot in the spring of 2012.

Film Credits

Directed by
Keith Munden

Written by
Richard Buathier

Story by 
Richard Matheson

Original Screenplay by
Richard Buathier
Keith Munden

Original Music by
Chris Vasquez
F. Scott Kroll

Produced by
Richard Buathier
Ronald Grimwood
Wendy Davis Boyer
Rick Davis
Keith Munden

Shot and Edited by
Keith Munden

Wendy Davis Boyer as Becky Chase
Rick Davis as Steve Chase
Richard "Rico" Buathier as the Dark Man
Ronald "Gumby" and Willie Grimwood as the Arguing Married Couple
Marissa Semon as the Angry Girlfriend
Matt Drake as Sit-up Guy
Keith Munden as Soup Guy

Shot on location in
Sandusky, OH