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Safe Place (2014)

When the dead have risen, there is no SAFE PLACE to hide in LegacyVerse Productions' new movie. Four survivors of a zombie attack take refuge in what appears to be an abandoned house, but appearances can be deceiving.....and Deadly.

Written and Directed by
Keith Munden

Executive Producer
Keith Munden

Wendy Davis Boyer
Richard Buathier
Rick Davis
Chad Knauer

Camera Operators
Keith Munden
Wendy Davis Boyer
Richard Buathier
Patrick Conley

Edited by
Keith Munden

Filmed on location in
Sandusky, Ohio
Huron, Ohio


Wendy Davis Boyer as Julie
Patrick Conley as David
Richard Buathier as Aiden
Kayrnn Boyer as Laura
Ashley Sanders as Young Girl
Jonathan Mossman as Young Man
Keith Munden as Baghead Killer
Ronald Grimwood as Zombie Victim


Kayrnn Boyer
Rick Davis
Sierra Davis
Kellie Dendinger
Chad Knauer
Marissa Semon
Brooklynn Stone
David Thorne