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A Typical Night (2014)

This is a new Luna Pier short featuring the vampire, Amy Savant (played by Marissa Semon) and a few other regulars from that movie series. It takes place before Reaper's Revenge: Fear the Reaper, but it sets up a story line that will take place AFTER Reaper's Revenge: Fear the Reaper.


Film Credits

Written and Directed by
Keith Munden

Shot by
Keith Munden and Rick Davis

Original Music by
F. Scott Kroll & Chris Vasquez

Original Songs
by Alexirius 

“Dreamers Reality”
by Longed for Fusion 

Produced by
Keith Munden, Richard Buathier, and Rick Davis

Edited by
 Keith Munden


Marissa Semon as Amy Savant
David Thorne as the Serial Killer
Richard Buathier as Duane Jenkins
Rick Davis as Agent Koonst
Patrick Conley as Homeless Guy
Aria & Shaun Lykins as Flashback Duo
Keith Munden as Davlin McCaine

Special Thanks to Beatrice Norcross for the use of her basement for this short

Shot and filmed on location in Sandusky, Ohio