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Reaper's Revenge: Fear the Reaper (2015)

This is the pay off to story lines that have been building since LegacyVerse's 1st movie, 2002's Zero Issue. It continued through 2004's The Summoning and Fear the Reaper, 2006's Welcome to Luna Pier, 2008's Reaper Reborn, 2010/11's In the Absence of Evil, and 2011/12's (A) Midsummer Nightmare. It features characters that ran through all of these one form or another.

Plot Outline
Returned from the Hellish Dimension he was banished to by the witch, Faruza Maclay, The Reaper returns to Luna Pier with one mission and one mission only: Kill The Witch. With a human cult of costumed killers gathered around him, the near unstoppable (and evolved) Reaper descends on the home of Maclay, who has gathered friends and allies of her own to protect her. The fight is on, and the only way to find out who's left standing in the end, is to check out Reaper's Revenge, coming soon to an internet near you.(!!!)

Reaper's Revenge Trailer 1

Reaper's Revenge Trailer 2

Written and Directed by
Keith Munden

Executive Producer
Keith Munden

Wendy Davis Boyer
Richard Buathier
Rick Davis

Camera Operators
Keith Munden
Rick Davis
Wendy Davis Boyer

Edited by
Keith Munden

Filmed on location in
Sandusky, Ohio
Huron, Ohio
Castalia, Ohio
Monroeville, Ohio

Richard Buathier as The Reaper
Olivia Fisher as Faruza Maclay
Marissa Semon as Amy Savant
Sonia Chenelle as Claudette
Keith Munden as Davlin McCaine
Wendy Davis Boyer as Beatrice Blake
Chad Knauer as Damien Storm
Rick Davis as Agent Koonst
Ronald Grimwood as Desmond