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(A) Midsummer Nightmare (2012)

This is a new Faruza Maclay story, and it concerns dreams.....Bad Ones. Somebody is trying to attack the young witch through her dreams, and she doesn't know who or why.  Her only hope is to survive until morning; if she can.  It stars Sonia Cross, Richard Buathier (in a dual role), Rick Davis, Kelly Gerber. and Wendy Davis Boyer.  This is another lead up to Reaper 3, so, if you want to continue the line of stories leading up to it (Reaper Reborn and In the Absence of Evil are the others), this would be one to check out.

Film Credits

Camera Operator
Keith Munden
Rick Davis

Edited by
Keith Munden

Sonia Chenelle as Faruza Maclay
Richard "Rico" Buathier as Dwayne Jenkins and The Reaper
Rick Davis as Agent Koonst and Reaper #1
Kelly Gerber as Faruza's Mother
Wendy Davis Boyer as Suicidal Woman and Reaper #2
Keith Munden as Davlin McCaine
Loryn Heckathorn as Reaper #3

Shot on location in
Sandusky, OH
Monroeville, OH
Castalia, OH