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In the Absence of Evil (2010)

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The follow up to Reaper Reborn, and the set up movie for Reapers Revenge: Fear the Reaper 3.  This involves the absence of evil left in Luna Pier after the events of Reaper Reborn, and the epidemic of normal people taking up The Reaper's mantle of murder.

Film Credits

Written by
Keith Munden

Directed by
Keith Munden

Special Effects by
Jonathon Young

Original Music by
Chris Vasquez

Richard "Rico" Buathier as the Reaper
Rick Davis as Agent Koonst
Christa Stobie as Redhead Reaper
Chad Knauer as James Anderson
Wendy Davis Boyer as Abused Housewife
Jonathan Young as Abusive Husband
Ben Boyer as Teenage Reaper
Richard "Rico" Buathier as Dream Reaper
Kelly gerber as Shit Talking Mom
Eric David as Porn Watching Dad
Keith Munden as Tortured Serial Killer

Produced by
Keith Munden
Richard "Rico" Buathier
Jonathan Young
Rick Davis

Edited by
Keith Munden
Chad Knauer