LegacyVerse Crew

     (owner of LegacyVerse Productions)

He's been in love with movies ever since watching Return of the Jedi as a child.
He loves horror films, comic books, and really bad pop culture jokes.....and all of these show up in his work.

The Evil Eye Acting  1994 
WIMP 2 Boom Operator / Actor  1995 
Armageddon Man Boom Operator / Camera / Actor  1997 
Zero Issue Writer / Director  2002 
Keith's Video Shorts Writer / Director / Actor  2003 
The Summoning Writer / Director  2004 
Fear the Reaper Writer / Director / Actor  2004 
The High Rollers Boom Operator  2004 
Dead Evolution Writer / Director / Actor  2005 
The Legend of Joe Pimpin' Writer / Director / Actor  2005 
Toxic Shock ZombiesProducer2005
Welcome to Luna Pier Writer / Director / Actor  2006
Transitional Phase Writer / Director / Actor   2007 
Reaper Reborn Writer / Director / Actor   2008 
A Safe Place Writer  2009 
In the Absence of Evil Writer / Director / Actor   2010 
Private Showing Writer / Director / Actor   2011 
A Midsummer Nightmare Writer / Director / Actor   2012 
Harvest of Blood Co-Writer / Co-Director  2012 
Beer Run Director / Actor  2012 
Black Box Director / Co-Writer / Actor  2013
A Typical Night Director / Writer / Actor 2014
Safe Place Director / Writer / Actor 2014
Tick Tock Director / Writer 2014
Unknown Journeys Director / Writer / Actor 2015
Reaper's Revenge: Fear the Reaper Writer / Director / Actor   2015
 We Want You Writer/Director/Extra2016
 Infected Director/Writer/Actor2016
 The Black Box 2 Director/Co-Writer/Actor2019
                Rotten Harvest(Post)                                Director/Co-Writer                                     2019

                Skeleton Cop                                               Actor                                                           2019

(Minister of Propaganda)

Rick could be known as LegacyVerse Productions first fan (we have them??? Wow!!!), and has been a valued member of the staff since 1999, when he and Keith teamed up for an epic zombie short that never got finished. Since then, he has been the chief documentarian for future LEGACY productions.

The Summoning Actor  2004 
Fear the Reaper Actor  2004 
Dead Evolution Writer / Actor  2005 
The Legend of Joe Pimpin' Actor  2005 
Welcome to Luna Pier Actor  2006 
Transitional Phase Camera / Actor  2007 
Reaper Reborn Camera / Actor  2008 
A Safe Place Co-Director / Actor  2009 
In the Absence of Evil Camera / Actor  2010 
RandumAccess Films - Chances Are Crew 2010
Private Showing Actor  2011 
A Midsummer Nightmare Camera / Actor  2012 
Harvest of Blood Actor  2012 
Beer Run Camera / Actor  2012
The Black Box Actor 2013
Ticklewolf Cameo 2013 
A Typical Night Actor  2014
Safe Place Actor  2014 
Tick Tock Actor  2014
Reaper's Revenge: Fear the Reaper Actor  2015
Unknown JourneysActor2015 
The Black Box 2Actor 2019
               Rotten Harvest    (Post)                                                          Actor                          2019  
               Skeleton Cop                                                                           Actor                          2019

(The Next Big Thing)

Richard has been involved with Low/No Budget movies since the early 90's with Blade Independent Studios.  After Blade dissolved in 1997, Rico kept going, appearing in movies for several companies (Including LegacyVerse Productions).  He has been appearing as The Reaper since 2008's Reaper Reborn, and will continue into 2013's Reaper's Revenge.

Cenobium Actor  1990 
The Natives Are Restless Actor  1991 
Warped Actor  1991 
Witchface 3 Actor  1991 
Nativeborn: The Natives Are Restless 2 Actor  1992 
WIMP Actor  1993 
The Evil Eye Actor  1994 
The Hunt for Witchface Actor  1994 
Of Grave Consequence Actor  1994 
The Big Feet Crew  1995 
WIMP 2 Co-Writer / Actor  1995 
A Darker Light Actor  1996 
WIMP Unleashed (WIMP 3) Co-Writer / Actor  1997 
The Haunt Extra  2002 
Fear the Reaper Actor  2004 
Dead Evolution Actor  2005 
Curse of the Flesh Actor  2008 
Reaper Reborn Actor  2008 
The Devil's Charity Actor  2009 
A Safe Place Actor  2009 
Chances Are Actor  2010 
In the Absence of Evil Actor  2010 
Private Showing Actor  2011 
Nemesis Actor  2011 
A Midsummer Nightmare Actor  2012 
Harvest of Blood Co-Writer / Co-Director / Actor  2012 
Beer Run Actor  2012 
The Black Box Co-Writer / Special Effects / Actor  2013
A Sorry Lot Actor  2013 
Ticklewolf Actor 2013
A Typical Night Actor  2014 
Safe Place Actor  2014
Tick Tock Actor  2014
Unknown Journeys Co-Writer/Actor 2015
Reaper's Revenge: Fear the ReaperSpecial Effects / Actor2015
We Want YouActor2016
Infected Actor  2016  
 The Black Box 2  Co-Writer/Actor/Camera2019
                Skeleton Cop                                              Actor                                                           2019


Although, Wendy had technically acted in one of my scripts before we Officially started working together, I could tell she had talent.  She also does double duty for us, providing us covers and posters, as well as acting.  She is a welcome addition to the LegacyVerse Productions family.
A Safe Place Actress - Julie 2009 
In the Absence of Evil Graphic Design / Actress 2010
Private Showing Graphic Design  2011 
A Midsummer Nightmare Graphic Design / Actress 2012 
Harvest of Blood Graphic Design / Actress 2012
Beer Run Writer / Graphic Design / Actress 2012
Black Box Graphic Design / Actress 2013
Ticklewolf Actor 2013 
A Typical Night Graphic Design / Actress 2014 
Safe Place Graphic Design / Camera / Actress 2014 
Tick Tock Graphic Design / Camera / Actress 2014
Unknown Journeys Graphic Design / Actress 2015
Reaper's Revenge: Fear the Reaper Graphic Design / Camera / Actress 2015
 We Want YouCamera/Actor 2016
InfectedGraphic Design/Actress/Camera2016
The Black Box 2 Graphic Design/Actress2019 
              Skeleton Cop                               Actor                                                                            2019
              Rotten Harvest                            Actor                                                                             2019

(Scream Queen)

Another new member of the LegacyVerse page, she started with a small role in Black Box and is the new Amy Savant in the upcoming Reaper 3: Reaper's Revenge! A Scream Queen (2013 International Horror Hotel Scream Queen) Marissa is one to watch!

Black Box Actress 2012 
International Horror Hotel Scream Queen  2013 
A Typical Night Actress 2014
Safe Place Actress  2014 
Reaper's Revenge: Fear the Reaper Actress 2015
Infected Actress2016
              The Black Box (Archived Footage                                          Actress                         2019
               Skeleton Cop                                                                         Actress                         2019

(Jack of All Trades)

Matt is the newest member of the LegacyVerse Productions crew. With a background stemming from the Live Theater / Event industry as well as the Haunted Attraction Industry his skills and talents will be a great asset the productions. An all around Jack of All Trades he fills in where needed. Also Webmaster for this site!
His own freelance site is: Dragon's Fire Design

Ghostly Manor (Haunt) Actor / Maintenance  2005 - 2008 
Everyone Loves Snoopy! (Stage) Deckhand 2011 
Screamworks (Haunt) Lighting Designer / Maintenance  2011 
Howl-O-Scream Busch Gardens (Haunt) Carpenter / Maintenance  2012 
Christmas Town Busch Gardens (Event) Carpenter / Maintenance  2012 
Happiness Is Snoopy (Stage) Deckhand  2012 
Black Box Actor  2012 
Lucia di Lammermoor (Stage) Carpenter / Deckhand 2013 
H.M.S. Pinafore (Stage) Carpenter / Deckhand 2013 
Tick Tock Camera / Digital Effects  2014
Reaper's Revenge: Fear the Reaper Digital Effects/Actor 2015
              The Black Box 2 (Archived)             Actor                                                                2019